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Are you looking for reliable and high-quality tree surgeon in Swindon, Wiltshire? Then look no further. We offer a wide selection of expert tree surgeon services and we are constantly exceeding our customer’s expectations in Swindon. Taking on all kinds of projects across the years there is nothing we haven’t seen before.

Since our team of tree surgeon are always on hand to offer guidance, we’re proud of our knowledge and experience around the Swindon area. We understand that trees must be maintained and managed to ensure preservation, and as tree owners, you have an important role to play. Every customers needs are unique and we take time to understand yours fully, before we implement a plan. Every service we provide we take into account your location, the age, growth rate and condition of your tree.

For this reason, we consider your requirements and budget carefully and will always be competitive so you will see the value of your investment in our tree surgery services. We’re ready to serve you in Swindon.

Want to find out more? Then carry on reading below and look at how we operate or take a look at the tree services we offer. As well as what to expect from our tree surgeon when you book us.


What to expect from our tree surgeon Swindon services

  1. Request a quote either by calling us or filling out our online quote form to talk about what tree care you need.
  2. If you receive a quote over the phone, our tree surgeon will confirm it when they arrive onsite at your property in Swindon. If we’re unable to quote you on the phone then you’ll get a full quote after we’ve conducted a survey. 
  3. A team of experienced tree surgeons will arrive on the scheduled day and complete the work required. Please make sure to ensure access to the property and a space for parking depending on your location. The tools used are very heavy and we would need to be parked nearby.
  4. Our experts will carry out the work and complete it to your satisfaction, we will make sure the site is left safe.

Should you consider our tree surgery?

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Modern Techniques and Equipment

We follow the latest state of the art equipment and techniques used by arborists, this ensures we carry out work to the highest quality. Our work is carried out within a timeframe that suits you and efficiently, no matter what service you need in Swindon. We’ll ensure there is no disturbance to your home and trees, your property and garden will be left clear and safe.

High Level Customer Service

Each job is handled with care and planning. From the initial call to us and through to completion we are there every step of the way.

Quality Workmanship Tree Surgery

Our services are superior for any kind of work you need. Most people think we are here to simply cut down trees and remove them. However, we love to prolong the life of trees through pruning, crown lifting and thinning. We want your trees to be healthy. We do offer a felling service as well which we can undertake easily with our experience and equipment.

Strict Health and Safety

Tree surgeons are one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Which is why it is critical homeowners choose the right company. Our company is extremely strict on safety. As a tree company we are concerned about our reputation and to uphold that reputation, our employees must be safe and attentive every minute on the job. Whether they are cutting down trees or any other tree work. We want only the best tree surgeon.

Our expert staff is available to offer you FREE quotes, expert advice, and guidance on all your tree-related needs. We are always happy to help and listen to our clients. Give us a call.


Tree Services

Tree Removal

There are two main reasons you will want your tree removed. It’s either become a danger or you have a different vision on the layout of your property. Our tree felling services at Swindon Tree Surgeon Pros include comprehensive preparation and execution of our tree felling services. 

Tree removal swindon needs to be done carefully and precisely, which is something our highly qualified tree surgeons are trained to do. We can either remove the entire tree or sections, which we refer to as section felling. This will involve a team of two at a minimum.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be unsightly, dangerous, and difficult to remove. This is where we can assist. To ensure that the ground beneath the stump is leveled and safe, we’ll efficiently and effectively remove all kinds of tree stumps. The tree stump usually remains after a tree has been cut down. If you’re looking for stump removal in Swindon then get in touch.

We remove the stump by grinding them down. This is carried out with a machine designed specifically for this purpose. You can hire these machines yourself but we recommend hiring a professional to complete the work. We have seen customers attempt this themselves and then been asked to come in to clean up their handy work. When the stump has been removed you can sow grass seed to complete your lawn.

Tree Pruning Services

Pruning a tree involves removing branches and leaves either to remove dead branches and leaves or to tidy the look of a tree, reshape it, or even lower their height to let in more light. Reshape your tree today and get in contact. This job requires a lot of care and attention from a tree surgeon.

We offer a professional service. Tree pruning can be an effective and quick method in improving the look. Just like you would do in your garden with any other kind of shrub or plant. Not all trees are ready to be pruned in Swindon at the same time, so get in contact and we can offer advice.

Hedge Cutting

We offer hedge trimming and hedge removal. If your hedges are looking a bit wild, we can help you with our professional head trimming service. We will ensure your hedges not only look their best, but also continue to grow well into the future. Usually a hedge is one of the main features of the front of the house, we believe it’s always best to keep it under control and in shape. Since it’s one of the first things a visitor will see at your home.

Hedge maintenance can be carried out once a year on some hedges but then some require more attention. These types of hedges can need up to 3 trims a year. Get your Swindon home a facelift with your hedges.

Crown Reduction and Crown Thinning

Crown reduction is an effective method of trimming trees or removing diseased and dead branches from trees. A crown reduction can also be considered when the roots of a large mature tree show significant decay, making it potentially hazardous. However, although crown reduction can minimise the sail effect, it should not be used to minimise the chances of the tree blowing over during a storm.

The crown thinning process is a delicate operation that can be beneficial for improving a tree’s aesthetics and growth potential. Pruning fruit trees makes use of crown thinning most frequently on broad-leaved trees. In general, these works are specified in terms of a percentage. Like a crown thin of 10% is performed. Pruning trees by thinning produces a more subtle result than pruning by crown reduction, and it is one of the more difficult tree pruning practices.

Ivy Removal

You should be aware that English ivy has a tendency to climb and take essential nutrients from plants, trees, and flowers in your garden. To make matters worse, insects and rats use ivy as a shelter. Also, ivy can damage old bricks, wood siding and vinyl siding and can cause roofs to leak moisture. You don’t want any unnecessary damage to your home. We like to take care of Swindon area.

As visually pleasing as ivy can be, there are plenty of reasons to remove it. Ivy could cause extensive damage to structures if not maintained properly, therefore, ivy should be removed fully, trimmed, or reduced to either trimming or small amounts while the roots are left in place for a controlled growth.

Tree Surveys

A tree survey is important for any tree services company. The aim of the tree survey is to find out useful information about your tree. Whether it is located on public or private land. Depending on the information we provide in the survey we conduct, the home owner will decide what is to be done with their trees. In some areas, you will be required to have a tree survey completed, because some areas have trees that do require protecting.