Stump Removal Swindon

tree stump being removed with a stump grinding machine

What is tree stump grinding?

As the name implies, tree stump removal involves the removal of stumps left behind after a tree has been cut down.

As part of our tree felling and removal service, we can also remove tree stumps. There is, however, the possibility of tree stumps being left in the ground, which can be unsightly or harmful if left unchecked.

In order to completely remove the tree stump, we use specialized equipment. Contact us here to learn more about our tree stump removal service.

Why get the stump removed?

People remove tree stumps for several reasons. Among them are:

Access: It is nearly impossible to mow around a tree stump in the middle of your garden

Aesthetics: Homeowners and business owners may find unsightly stumps simply left behind

Safety: Tree stumps can also be a trip hazard, especially if they’re low to the ground.

Rot: As tree stumps decay, they become attractive to insects like termites and carpenter ants, who in turn can harm other plants on your property.

When to remove the stump?

In order to control pests, diseases and weeds, our tree surgeons recommend cultivating plants in a healthy environment through good culture, cultivar selection, garden hygiene, and encouraging or introducing natural enemies. It is important to use chemical controls only when absolutely necessary and highly targeted. 

Stump removal can be done physically at any time. It is most convenient to have the tree surgeons remove stumps during the fall of the tree.

To be effective, chemical stump killers must be applied right after cutting the wood, so it is best to apply them soon after felling. Otherwise, it’ll be necessary to recut them before using the product.

How would we remove your tree stump?

A winch can be used to remove stumps from smaller trees. Tree surgeons with the knowledge to use these items safely can hire them. A good sized stub needs to be left on the stump (up to 1.2m (4ft) high) rather than cutting it off at ground level.

Using a mechanical mini-excavator or hand-grubbing removes the majority of the roots. A tree can be removed most easily when it’s cut down so that the trunk has a significant length to help in the removal process. A tree surgeon may have experience removing stumps, but you can hire a mini-excavator and operator separately.


Another option is to use a stump grinder, which grinds the main root plate into fine sawdust. Despite stump grinders being available for hire, they are potentially hazardous and should only be used by tree surgeons who are confident they can operate machinery safely. While some roots will remain in the ground, the majority will eventually rot down.