Tree Pruning Swindon

Tree surgeon with saw and harness pruning a tree.

What is tree pruning?

When branches or leaves are pruned from a tree, they are either cleared of dead branches or leaves, or a tree is reshaped, or its height is reduced for more light to enter.

With years of experience in tree trimming, we offer professional tree pruning services. Other types of tree pruning include crown lifting, crown reduction, and crown thinning.

Why get your tree pruned?

People get trees pruned for many different reasons. The reason people prune trees is often that they have become too big or overbearing in the garden or in front of their property, and pruning the tree helps allow in more natural life without removing the tree completely.

In addition to health and safety considerations, pruning a tree has important implications. Pruned trees will keep their structural integrity and will reduce the risk of broken limbs.

Furthermore, tree pruning can boost the aesthetics of the tree in a relatively quick and easy manner.

How will we reduce your tree size?

There are a variety of tree pruning strategies based on the type of tree and the intended effect. We have listed them from most work to the least.

An all over trimming during summer or spring: This trim is only useful if the tree is smaller and formal, especially if it is evergreen. This will need to be done either every year or two. For the smaller trees a hedge trimmer is a time-saving option.

Tree pruning during dormancy: This is usually done to make the tree look more attractive and smaller by shortening the side branches all over. This allows light to reach the tree and reduces the tree’s risk to wind damage. In addition, it provides a chance to eliminate diseased wood. If you want a balanced result, work slow and carefully while evaluating the effects of removing each of the branches. Trees prone to silver leaf should not be treated with this.

Pollarding: The extremest form of pruning involves removing the head or crown entirely, resulting in some of the most beautiful small trees, although it does require repeated pruning over time.

When should you prune your tree?

Having decided to prune or remove a branch, a decision has to be made about when to do the work. Pruning is generally done after the leaves have ‘flushed’ and become hard, which would be during the spring and summer. Nonetheless, there are exceptions, since some species, like Walnut, Birch, and Maple, may drip sap and pose a risk by wasting valuable sugars the tree needs in the process if pruned in early spring, therefore the pruning of these trees should be carried out when this risk is low i.e. summer or mid winter. Contact our team of arborists.